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Clear Spot Patch (18 Patches)



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Acne patches to treat and protect troubled acne spots and scars.

  • Treats Blemish
  • Protect Wounds
  • Anti-Inflammatory

Effective acne patches to treat troubled spots and acne and protect scars. It is natural-looking, translucent and thin, blending in naturally with skin and has water resistance possibility. The semi-transparent nature can also be worn under makeup and it has the ability to flatten pimples by absorbing the impurities without irritation. It also comes in 2 sizes to fit the different types of blemishes


Use before bedtime and leave it on overnight

  1. Use after skincare routine and products have been absorbed and the skin surface is dry.
  2. Peel a patch off the sheet and gently place it on the blemish until it adheres to skin.
  3. Leave on for several hours or overnight for best results.
  4. Remove the patch gently by peeling off the edge when done and dispose of it.

Key Ingredients:
Salicylic Acid
Works on the skin’s surface and deep inside the pore, by cleaning out bumps, clogs, blemishes, and enlarged pores

Tea Tree Oil
Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties can calm redness, swelling, and inflammation

Antiseptic properties and cooling effect soothes irritation and acne inflammation


Full List:
Polyisobutene, polyurethane-9, polyisoprene, cellulose gum

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