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Silky Touch Skin Pack Cotton (80 Pads)



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Pads made from cotton to absorb and transfer skincare products like toner effectively.

  • Soft Texture
  • Effective Transfer
  • Strong Absorption
  • Strong Adherence
  • Anti-Inflammatory

Pads made from fluffy and spongy cotton to absorb and transfer skincare products with ease. It is best used for toner sheet masks as it adheres perfectly onto skin. The silky and soft texture does not irritate skin and it does leave any lint and residue when patting or wiping. It can also be used separately by tearing the cotton according to the incision line for two extra pieces.


Can be used for removing makeup, applying toner and making DIY toner or essence masks

  1. Pump a toner or other skincare products 2-3 times into the pad
  2. Swipe across the face gently


  1. Create a toner mask sheet by separating the sheet along the incision line
  2. Soak the pads with toner and place them on your cheeks
  3. Remove after 5-10 minutes

Pulp, Cosmetic-use Rayon

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