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EVA Facial Cleansing + Skincare + Firming Massager + Makeup Remover 4 in1



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An advanced skincare technology tool that helps to deep cleanse pores and massage skin.

  • Anti-Aging
  • Brightening
  • Deep Cleansing

An advanced skincare technology tool that helps to deep cleanse pores and massage skin with two changeable heads. One head has an antibacterial silicone bristle brush head that removes makeup and dirt with nano-bubbles. There is also another 18K plated Gold head with ultrasonic wave massage to firm up skin and promote collagen. This can also brighten dark circles and reduce puffy eye bags under eyes. Cotton pads can also be attached to the head to apply toner or remove makeup with cleansing oil or water. It is waterproof with wireless type C cable charging and has an app with Bluetooth connection. Works for all skin types.


A Tip For You:
Use the 18K Gold plated head to massage areas around the face, neck and body to lift skin.

  1. Download the MOEZ Smart App from App Store or Google Play
  2. Pairing together with MOEZ Smart App is instant and easy
  3. Turn on bluetooth from your phone
  4. Open the Moez smart app from your phone
  5. Click the device on for pairing
  6. The Moez smart app will automatically find your Eva device and connect it to your phone
  7. Apply cleansing foam across the face and use the silicone brush for cleanse skin
  8. Remove the cap and attach a cotton pad for cleansing makeup or applying toner
  9. As a massager, use the 18k Gold head to massage around the face and neck areas

Full List:
Silicone, Gold

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