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Grafen Hinoki Shampoo (300ml / 500ml)



Product Description

Oily scalp care + Hair loss care

Made of 'Korea Jeju cypress tree'

It contains cypress water and cypress essential oil extracted from cypress up in clean Jeju.

Cypress tree
Phytoncide contained not in cypress tree is an anti-bacterial material which plants in the forest generate. It helps to care scalp and hair.

Phytoncide content is different depending on what kind of tree composes the forest.
*Content of phytocide
Thuja Standishii - 3.3ml
Cypress tree - 5.5ml
Cedar - 4.0ml

4-STEP care solutions

#1 Removes residue. - Dense bubble suppresses of having excessive sebum on the scalp.
#2 Supplies nutrients. - Dense bubble suppresses of having excessive sebum on the scalp.
#3 Normalizes pH of the scalp - Removes excessive dandruff in the scalp by controlling pH.
#4 Antibacterial effect - It contains natural antibacterial materials of cypress tree a lot.

It's time to use HINOKI SHAMPOO!!!

If you know hinoki shampoo, it's like a half success.

Please check the content of cypress-water!

The check of you buys the real 'HINOKI SHAMPOO' which contains a high content of cypress-water for healthy scalp and hair.

- If you worry about the change of seasons due to oily scalp and dandruff.
- If your hair gets lost a lot and you have weak hair.
- If your scalp is itchy and you feel stinging frequently.
- If you worry about hair loss.
- If your hair is nor elastic and if you worry about or from the top of the head.


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Grafen Hinoki Shampoo (300ml / 500ml)

Grafen Hinoki Shampoo (300ml / 500ml)

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