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Dr Seed Booster Anti Dandruff (100ml) + Revitalize Shampoo (1000ml) Combo



Product Description


Dr Seed Super Seed Bomb Revitalize Shampoo


ph 5.5 of Acidulous hair shampoo

Super-Seed Bomb Shampoo supplies plentiful nutrients on hair and keeps hair from external irritation at the same time.


01 - Materials are used EWG 1~2 safety class.

02 - Made by 27kinds of seed extracts Healthy Scalp.

03 - The Scents is made by Professional Perfumers.


Not contained Harmful materials


'Dr.Seed removed 20 kinds of materials which can arouse skin irritation by checking harmfulness of materials meticulously.'


Bebe Musk - Powdery scent which sweet and cozy heliotrope scent, ylang-ylang and rose are well harmonized.

Midnight Rose - Elegant scent which fresh white peach, full of orange flower and jasmine and red rose are well-harmonized.

Lemon Breeze - Well-harmonized and natural scent of fresh lemon, lime, and mandarine, and green verbena and lavender.

Mango Sunset - Fresh scent of well ripe fresh mangoes.

Squeeze Peach - Harmony of fresh peaches and fruit. The sweet scent of well ripe peaches.

Candy Blossom - Warm and sweet scent like a cotton candy which well ripe mandarine oranges and sweet pea scent are mixed with Tonka bean.

Fresh Green - The scent like a clear dew which fresh citrus and refreshing green tea are mixed moist oakmoss scent is delicately diffused.

White Garden - Fresh green note and deep and rich jasmine and tuberose scent like in the flower garden.

Iris Sheerbet - Cool scent of plentiful floral which deep orange flower, iris, and deep scent of tuberose are harmonized.

Evening Musk - Elegant and attractive scent which fragrant rose, deep jasmine, and soft musk scent and Tonka bean are well harmonized.


How to Use

01. Wet hair enough and take an appropriate amount of shampoo on the hand. (Pump the shampoo 1 to 2 times)

02. Massage scalp and make bubbles. Gently shampoo hair using the bubbles.

03. Rinse off hair cleanly using tepid water.



Dr Seed Solution Booster Natural Complex Therapy (100ml) Scalp Cleaning


-Depend on your scalp condition, choose the type of booster and mix, 1~2 times of pump, with any type of shampoo

-With Booster, Boost forming ingredient up + Cleansing up + Refreshing up

-With the same shampoo, can give different scalp treatment depend on the type of scalp or external circumstances

-Minimize the scalp irritation with 96% of natural ingredients and using a natural surfactant

-Mix with your preferred shampoo and able to adjust the amount of the booster

-With a 1-time pump, maximum to use 500 times / with 2 times pump, maximum to use 250 times

-Convenient scalp treatment as easy and light to carry during travel or business trip


How to Use

1.Depend on the scalp/hair concern, chose the type of booster 

2.Mix 1~ 2 times pump with any type of shampoo

3.Shampoo the hair and rinse thoroughly



-Give the special treatment to scalp and dandruff care with the patent ingredient of 5a Avocuta and allantoin & kelp extract which are effective in trouble recovery

-Contains Cyclodextrin which helps to removes residue from the scalp and bromelain which can help to reduce infection

-Contains Xylitol and menthol extract which helps to reduce scalp fever

-Scalp scaling – With abundant forming wash from the booster ingredients to remove residue and oil from the scalp, can give effective anti-dandruff special care

-Normalize the production cycle of the scalp dead-skin – Make pore clean from dandruff to absorb more nourishment on the scalp and keep and normalize the production cycle of the dead skin

-Keep in a good balance of oil and water– Easy to make an excessive amount of dead skin when the scalp has less than 10% moisture level, this kelp extracts strongly help to keep a good balance of oil and water and to make more moisturized scalp


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Dr Seed Booster Anti Dandruff (100ml) + Revitalize Shampoo (1000ml) Combo

Dr Seed Booster Anti Dandruff (100ml) + Revitalize Shampoo (1000ml) Combo

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