An advanced complexion enhancer Brightens skin tone naturally and instantly. Expiry Date: 11-Apr-22
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Dr. Seed
- ph 5.5 of Acidulous hair shampoo.- Not contained Harmful materials'Dr.Seed removed 20 kinds of materials which can arouse skin irritation by checking harmfulness of materials meticulously.'
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Customized eye shadow with different options for your needs [Shiny glitter that glistens and leaves a brilliant glow]
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Mediheal and LINE FRIENDS mask, everyone all time favorite LINE characters are now on these superb mask Expired Date: E.G.T [23-Apr-22]
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Dr. Jart+
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Moisture probiotics, increase the proportion of probiotics in the stratum corneum, improve the moisture mechanism of the skin, and keep the skin in an ideal state. Expired Date; 22-Feb-22
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Cleansing oil contained in tissue gently and cleanly removes impurities inside and outside the pores. Expiry Date:  Lip & Eye Makeup Remover Tissue (30 Sheets) - [23-Mar-22]
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Dr. Seed
Expired Date: Iris Sherbet 1000ml [15-Apr-22]
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A massage pack to make the skin clear and translucent. Expired Date: Kale - [16-Apr-22]
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