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Benton No 1 Best Seller – Snail Bee High Content Essence



Benton snail bee high content essence review

Benton products focus on fresh and naturally derived ingredients especially from snail filtrate and bee venom. Certified among the best and healthy skin care, the products are also free from animal testing. Snail mucin and bee venom sound yucky for those who are not familiar with these 2 main ingredients. However, in most Korean cosmetics, these 2 are considered as the best treatment ingredients for skin care especially for providing moisturizing and anti-aging. Does it cause harm to animals/insects? Certainly no! Certified among the best and healthy skin care, the products are also free from animal testing.Most of the cosmetics industries in Korea are prohibited from animal abuse. In fact, they studied deeper into these animals in order to produce the best substance that they can collect for industrial needs.

Snail Mucin Filtrate

Only selected snails are used in cosmetics and they are clinically tested before handing it over to the cosmetics production. The snail filtrate is known as Snail Mucin, which you can find this in other similar products such as Cosrx Snail Mucin 96 Power Essence and Mizon products. Snails produce the mucin when they are at the right temperature and in a relaxed state. The mucus is then collected and filtrate into a smaller compound which is then used for cosmetic needs.

Bee Venom

Previously, to obtain bee venom was considered as abusing the bees, as you will need to harm the bees in a way to get the stings. However, with modern technology and further studies, in order to get more bee stings, they need to get more bees and to increase the bee population to stabilize the environment. Bee venoms are obtained when a honeybee stings on to a certain surface. The venom contains ingredients which benefit the cosmetic industry which is widely used not only in Korean brands but also in well-known cosmetics from the Western brands.

Most of Benton products are made in similar designed bottles and boxes to easily identify their products. On all of their boxes, they will provide a QR Code for consumers to scan to ensure the authentic products and safety before using it. Most of Benton’s boxes are made from recycled materials and eco-friendly printing which is commonly used in Korean industry as it has a lower cost and saves the environment. 

The Snail Bee High Content Essence is in a dark brown bottle with a black pump on the top. The content is a transparent and odorless gel that is packed with their key-ingredient the snail mucin filtrate followed by aloe vera and bee venom. This best selling essence is known to help keep the skin hydrated and smoothens the skin surface. In addition, this product also contains Niacinamide, which helps to improve skin complexion.

The Snail Bee High Content also contains Salix Alba (Wilow) Bark extract which we can find this in Cosrx One Step Original Clear Pad (Pimple Clear Pad), which is a key ingredient for skin soothing and relief. This ingredient is highly recommended by herbalist as the best ingredient for any skin inflammation especially the facial skin.

“ The Salix Alba Bark Extract also helps in clearing off blocked pores and reduces the acne and oil breakout. “

Another reason why this essence is highly recommended for those who have sensitive skin is that this product contains fine extract of Aloe Vera which contains high vitamins and great effects on the skin. As we all know, the Aloe Vera is commonly used as itself and another popular product which everyone uses is the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel, which contains 92% of Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is also a prime ingredient in most Korean cosmetics, as this plant is easily obtained in tropical climate countries. The aloe vera extract is best for skin soothing and cooling, especially for skin that is damaged from sunburns, anti-wrinkles and provides moisture for the skin.

“Contains 92% of Aloe Vera”

sh-Oligopeptide-1 is the 4th major ingredient in this product. Studies show that this substance is made up of small compounds that are mixed together to produce a substance whereby helps the human skin to regenerate and produce new skin cells to replace the damaged or dead skin. As a human, we tend to sherd our skin like snakes almost every day! Hence, why our skins sometimes tend to get flaky at a certain point, is due to dead skin and extremely dry skin cells.

The Snail Bee High Content Essence helps to soothe the skin upon applying. We highly recommend to keep the bottle in cold places and avoid direct sunlight for the best result. This essence can be used right after face wash and toner. Take 1-3 small pump and apply onto face, avoiding direct contact with eyes and mouth. You can also use a massage roller for face for better absorption and effect. The gel is easily absorbed into the skin and it will and will not leave effects such as stickiness, oily or extreme dryness. This essence can be used at any preferred time for your skin care routine – morning and or night time. 1 bottle could last you about 2-3 months depending on how frequent you use this product.

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