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This hand cream helps keep hands fresh and moisturized without being sticky.
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Etude House
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Highly moisturizing hand cream 2 kinds set with soft floral fragrance
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Effective protection against viruses and germs. Keeps your family especially children protected when in contact in possible germs and virus congregated items like mobile phones and tablets. Use it for protection at public places anytime when necessary. Protection when in contact with the animal. 
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Pyunkang Yul
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Moisturized hands throughout the day.Ideal for keeping moisture in a dry environment.Prevents flaking and dullness by boosting hydration in your skin.It creates a protective layer of moisture that lasts all day.Keep your hands soft and moist at all times.
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“Safe Clean Gel”, a portable hand sanitizer, contains 70% ethanol which effectively eliminates viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Upon contact with your skin, ethanol gets to work immediately disinfecting the entire surface of your hands, eradicating any sort of germ in its way. The 50ml tube is portable and easy to carry around. 
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