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Mildly acidic gel cleanser is designed specifically for anti-aging, oily and combination skin types.
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A luxurious, body glow moisturizer mixed with lightweight essential oil.
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Eye Cream? No! Cleanser!#Sharp CleanserA neater, more hygienic cleansing balm with applicator#Gold Clay Cleansing BalmAll in one cleansing with gold clay which cleanses the dirt from pores#Antioxidant Ampoule CleansingAmpoule Cleansing with black rice rich in nutrients, 5 times more than in general rice
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A triple function serum mist improves fine lines and wrinkles, brightens skin and delivers important nutrients.Enriched with White Truffle, Avocado Oil extracts from Giga White & Lotus, it offers long-lasting moisture and nourishment.Recommended to spray over the face at a 20-30cm distance after shower for the best result.
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Lightweight, comfortable to wear and refreshing. Skin irritation test completed.Powerful broad-spectrum SPF50 protects skin from free radical damage.White truffle extracts, wine extract hydrate and nourish fatigued skin due to sun rays.
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This multi-purpose ampoule packed with luxurious ingredients such as Italian White Truffle Extract and Caviar to provide intense nourishment and hydration.Lightweight and comfortable to wear thanks to its quick-absorbing formula.Rich minerals in White Truffle Extract helps revive fatigued skin while improving skin texture and reducing the appearance of...
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Whitening & Wrinkle CareEye care cream for the skin around the eyes.Providing moisture and improving skin elasticity smoothly.
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 Contains BHA to exfoliate and remove excess oil and debris; and pearl extract to brighten skin
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d'Alba Peptide No Sebum Repair Cream effectively soothes skin and controls sebum with calamine powder, while highly-enriched antioxidant ingredients removes unnecessary oils. This moisturizer was designed with combination and sensitive skin .
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Formulated for fair to medium skin tone, there is no shade number for this cushion foundation.
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D'Alba Ampoule Balm White Truffle Whitening Cream D'Alba Ampoule Balm White Truffle Eco Moisturizing Cream (50g) D'Alba Ampoule Balm White Truffle Anti Wrinkle Cream (50g)
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