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An assortment of seven premium face masks gives you smooth, hydrated and soft skin for an unmatched youthful glow
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This sheet mask is made of pure cotton and is soaked in snail mucin to deeply nourish and hydrate irritated skin. Bee venom extract helps improves skin tone and texture
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Luminous, perfectly hydrated skin is just minutes away.
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G9 Skin
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Milk mask to boost up your skin moisture.
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7 options: MANG, RJ, KOYA, COOKY, SHOOKY, CHIMMY, TATA Product. Constitution: Point Mask 4ea, Postcard 1ea, Bookmark 1ae
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JM Solution
Dive deep with this nourishing mask pack - this 3-step mask features an essence, a sheet mask, and an eye cream all in one convenient to-go package.
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JM Solution
Propolis, green propolis, royal jelly from honey maximizes the moisture and nutrition level onto dry and dehydrated skin
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It's Skin
Soft silky clear sheet fits gently with the nude seal sheet.
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This is a water gel-type sheet mask soaked in ampoule formula containing Centella Asiatica Extract, fresh from untouched Madagascar, and refreshing Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil. The well-fitting mask wraps around the skin tightly to quickly deliver the ampoule formula to soothe irritated skin.
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