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Dr. Jart+
See fresh, smooth, clear skin with this innovative bubbling mask that exfoliates the skin’s surface and evens out the appearance of skin tone.
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Dr. Seed
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- ph 5.5 of Acidulous hair shampoo.- Not contained Harmful materials'Dr.Seed removed 20 kinds of materials which can arouse skin irritation by checking harmfulness of materials meticulously.'
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- Soothing Cica toner with Guaiazulene.- Sebum control and skin-soothing.- Powder shaking toner.
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- The soothing Cica mask with Guaiazulene.- Skin-soothing and protection.- Clean sterilizing gauze sheet.
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- Skin-soothing and protection- Sterilized gauze pad- Cica soothing pad- Free of 20 ingredients for sensitive skin.- Minimal irritation. Dual sterilized gauze pad.- Fast soothing & moisturizing effect.
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- Soothing Cica cream with Guaiazulene.- Skin-soothing and protection.- Moisturizing daily Cica Cream.
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Dr. Jart+
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- Modeling Pack + Sheet Mask- Rubber mask with a new concept- The fast efficacy of the modeling pack- Sheet mask simplicity is one- Combined modeling pack and sheet mask- A new concept of rubber maskYou don't need to mix and apply the bar right away!
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Dr. Jart+
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Moisture Biome Treatment Essence that helps improve skin moisture tone where water balance is off. Long-lasting moisturizing and bright complexion by improving moisture tone Long-lasting moisture with elasticity (intensive blue shot) Soft-rolling water essence (first step serum) Low-irritation prescription (Dermatologist tested)
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