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[RENEW PACKAGING]Cocoon Soap Mask is a special facial mask in the form of a soap, made with cocoon extract. It gently cleanses, tighten enlarged pores and removes dead skin and blackheads to visibly enhance skin firmness and contouring. 
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Some By Mi
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AHA, BHA and PHA gently exfoliate and leave your skin only cleaner and moisturized. Together with Miracle Toner by Some By Mi, the effect is quicker and more effective! 
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Cleanse, refresh, moisturize and handy in one! Easy & Quick deep cleansing.
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Some By Mi
If you are looking for the cleanser which works for whitening and brightening, V10 Pure Vitamin C Soap is perfect for you. With natural oriented ingredients, vitamin C and other 10 kinds of vitamin are included.
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