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Banila Co. was founded in 2005 to develop the most suitable base make-up products for 20-30 year-old women.

Its trendy, practical base make-up range is now appreciated by stylish young women right across Asia. Radiant CC Cream, Prime Primer and Clean it Zero are among the signature products. In Korea, there are now 70 banila co. stores, and 80 counters in China. Wako brings Banila Co to you directly in Malaysia.
Banila Co
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Formulated with papaya extract, acerola and herb extracts, this sherbet type of cleansing cream helps to lather away dirt, makeup and oil from the skin without drying your skin, leaving it clean and moisturized.
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Banila Co
A 3-in-1 Cleansing Balm + Purifying that Quickly Melts Away Stubborn Face & Eye Makeup and Completely Cleanses & Balances Skin in One Simple Step.
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Banila Co
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Clean It Zero Nourishing cleans out impurities and strips the makeup off the skin with ease but does not strips the hydration from your skin. Suitable for Dry Skin.
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Banila Co
Can't decide which of Banila Co Clean It Zero cleansing balm is suitable for you? Tr out these mini sizes! Suitable for travelling and storage convenience,
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Banila Co
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Sherbet type of cleanser that cleanses sensitive skin without irritation with Ecocert natural oil. Suitable for Sensitive SKin.
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