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Established in 2006, Peripera appeals to girly girls with its makeup collection emphasizing bright lip, eye and nail colors that hint at romance. The eye-catching hues are complemented by equally color-saturated and youthful packaging. The brand targets young, independent women with a strong sense of self and who prize individuality.

Powerful, ink-like color payoff in a single swipe. Velvet texture for soft, flake-free lips! Real velvety lips are ready with an intense color and matte finish.
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Lip lacquer which makes your lips a flower-like bloom with smooth and soft velvety touch. An airy weightless texture, but you can get bold color and moisture.
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A lip lacquer with smooth and soft velvety touch. A special Perikiki edition with random lovely characters on the cap.
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Peripera Ink Corrector which neutralizes and cancels out skin imperfections for an even, fare skin tone
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PERIPERA Milk Wash Cleansing Foam is a moist and hypoallergenic cleansing foam that mildly and completely cleanse skin with pure milk.
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